Lessons - Arithmetic


Adding and Subtracting with Decimals

Dividing with Decimals

Convert Decimals to Fractions

Place Value with Decimals

Rounding with Decimals Worksheet

Multiplying with Decimals




Rules of Exponents


Fraction Wall - Find Equivalent Fractions Using the Wall

Fraction Wall - Find Equivalent Fraction Using Multiplication and Division

Fractions - How to Simplify

Fractions of an Amount - Numerator is One

Fractions of an Amount - Any Fraction


How to Use a Ruler in CM/MM

How to Measure a Beaker/Cylinder in L/MM

Mixed Numbers

What are Mixed Numbers Edpuzzle for all

Adding Mixed Numbers

Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Multiplying Mixed Numbers

Dividing Mixed Numbers

Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Converting Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers


Factorials worksheet

Order of Operations - PE M/D A/S - Two Steps

Order of Operations PE M/D A/S - Three or More Steps

Order of Operations PE M/D A/S - Three or More Steps with Exponents

Properties of Math worksheet


to the Nearest Ten Worksheet

to the Nearest Hundred

Sequences Worksheet

Sequences Continued ... Worksheet

Square Roots - What are they?

Square Roots - How to Simplify with Prime Numbers

Square Roots - How to Simplify with Square Numbers

Square Roots - How to Add and Subtract Square Roots


Find 10% of an Amount Worksheet

Fraction to Percent

Percent Change

Percent Models

Percent of a Number

Percent to Decimal

Percent to Fraction

Percent Change

Positive and Negative Numbers


Proportion and Variation

Directly Proportional

Indirectly Proportional

Proportions and Variables


Scientific Notation

Adding and Subtracting Numbers in Scientific Notation

Dividing Numbers in Scientific Notation

Multiplying Numbers in Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation with Negative Exponents

Scientific Notation with Positive Exponents Worksheet