Lessons - Algebra


Adding and Subtracting - How to Simplify - Algebraic Expressions edpuzzle

Multiplying and Dividing - How to Simplify - Algebraic Expressions edpuzzle

Distributive Property - How to Simplify - Algebraic Expressions (Coefficient with One Variable) worksheet

Distributive Property - How to Simplify - Algebraic Expressions (Coefficient with Multiple Variables) edpuzzle

Distribute Binomials - Foil Method

Distribute Binomials - Foil Method - Coefficients Not 1 Video

Exponential Function

Compounded Continuously Interest Formula video

Exponential Functions - Changing the Graph

How Exponential and Logarithmic Functions are Related video

Solve for the Power

What is an Exponential Function? video and worksheet

What is Euler's Number? (natural exponential) video and worksheet


Factoring Trinomials 

Factoring Trinomials with GCF

Factoring Trinomials with Unfoiling

Factoring Trinomials with Two Variables

Factor Quadratic Expressions when A = 1 Worksheet


Composite Functions with Numbers

Composite Functions with Functions

Composite Functions - Domain

Domain and Range

Domain and Range: Functions Rational Functions (with Denominators)

Evaluate a Function worksheet

Functions - What are they? video and worksheet

Increasing, Decreasing, and Constant worksheet

Inverse of a Function video and worksheet

Operations on Functions worksheet

Sets - What are they?

Stretch vs Shrink (Compression) worksheet


Absolute Value (Single Step) Inequalities on Graph on a Number Line Video

Absolute Value (Multi-Step) Inequalities Graph on a Number Line

Solve One Step Inequalities

Solve Compound Inequalities

Graph Inequalities on a Number Line

Graph Linear Inequalities - One Step

Graph Linear Inequalities - Multi-Step

Interval Notation Video

Linear Programming video and worksheet

System of Inequalities Video

Solving Quadratic Inequalities

Two Step Inequalities

Logarithmic Functions

How Logarithmic and Exponential Functions are Related

Laws of Logarithmic Functions

Logarithm Functions - Changing the Graph video and worksheet

Logarithm Functions - How to Graph

Logarithm Functions - How to Simplify worksheet

What is a Logarithmic Function? Video


nth Roots - How to Simplify worksheet

nth Roots - How to Simplify Multiple Terms - with just Numbers worksheet

nth Roots - How to Multiply - with numbers

nth Roots - How to Multiply - with variables and numbers


Binomial Theorem with Pascal's Triangle

Complex Conjugate Root (Zero) Theorem worksheet

Descarte's Rule worksheet

Divide Polynomials video and worksheet

Factor Theorem worksheet

Graph Rational Functions worksheet

Graph Polynomials with IVT video and worksheet

Intermediate Value Theorem video and worksheet

Rational Root (Zero) Theorem video and worksheet

Remainder Theorem

Synthetic Substitution

Synthetic Division video and worksheet

Upper and Lower Bounds worksheet

Quadratic (Parabolic) Equations

Complete the Square worksheet

Intercept Form (Factored Form) - How to Graph worksheet

Standard Form - How to Graph worksheet

Vertex Form - How to Graph video and worksheet

Quadratic (Parabolic) Function - Convert from Standard to Vertex - A NOT 1 worksheet

Find the GCF (Greatest Common Factor)


Rational Exponents


Rational Expressions





Partial Fraction Decomposition

Solving Equations

Absolute Value - How to Solve Them

Create Equations from XY Tables worksheet

Cross Multiplication

One Step Equations - edpuzzle

Two Step Equations - edpuzzle 

Multi-Step Equations - Variable on Both Sides

Multi-Step Equations - Distributive Property edpuzzle

Solve for Y worksheet

Solve for a Different Variable worksheet

Solve for a Different Variable with Directly and Indirectly  - video and worksheet

System of Equations

Elimination Method - Part 1 - Addition/Subtraction

Elimination Method - Part 2 - Multiply/Divide

Elimination Method with 3 Variables - worksheet

Substitution Method - Linear

Substitution Method - Linear & Nonlinear